The biggest international football tournament in the world is kicking off and we are giving you the chance to win daily cash prizes by playing and climbing our Leaderboard.

We have a €1,000 Daily Prize Pool that’s up for grabs and another €5,000 Grand Prize pool at the end of the month!

Opt in to this promotion and all you need to do is play your favourite games to earn points. You’ll earn 1 point for every £10 cash staked. We will award point multipliers each day based on the outcome of each match that’s played on the day, so you can rack up some serious points.

Keep an eye on our Leaderboards to check your position and see how close you are to the top!


Daily Prize - €1,000 Prize Pool

1st Place


2nd Place


3rd Place


4th Place


5th Place


Grand Prize - €5,000 Prize Pool

1st Place


2nd Place


3rd Place


4th Place


5th - 11th Place

€100 each

12th Place



Leo P


Kristian S


Robert H


Tanya G


Daniel G



Paris G


Neil S


Poulina T


Esther D


T.C. W


Frederick U


Paul S


Maksym M


Patrick V


Mihai-Serigu C


Leo P


Rana A


Promotion Terms and Conditions

1. This promotion is open to all Hello Casino players. 2. This promotion runs between 00:01 (BST) on 14 th June 2018 and 23:59 (BST) on 29 th June2018.
3. You must opt in to participate. You can opt in at any time during the promotion, but bets placed prior to opting in will not count towards the overall leader board.
4. Once you have opted in, bets placed will contribute to both the daily and overall leader boards.
5. For every £10 cash wagered on any game, you will earn 1 point towards each leader board. Bonus funds do not apply and cannot be used.
6. Points will be awarded on the GBP value of your bets. All other currencies will be converted into GBP at the current exchange rate on the day in question.
7. You will continue to earn points for every day that you play. For the sake of clarity, you willnever lose points earned if you do not play on certain day(s).

The Leader Boards

8. The daily leader board will track activity between 00:01 and 23:59 BST.
9. Each day, the daily leader board will reset. However, the overall leader board will not reset.
10. Both leader boards will be updated the following day by no later than 13:00 BSTn certain day(s).


11. For every day during the promotion period, we will offer point multipliers on all points earned that day.
12. Multipliers have been assigned to all possible outcomes of all World Cup matches played (Win Team 1, Draw, Win Team 2).
13. Multipliers have already been randomly assigned to all games in advance and are in no way based on the probable outcome, odds etc. You are not betting on the outcome of a football game.
14. Prior to kick-off of the first game on the particular day, the multipliers for that day’s games will be set out on our website.
15. By way of example: for the games to be played on 15 th June:

  • Egypt vs Uruguay, Morocco vs Iran, Portugal vs Spain
  • We have assigned a random multiplier for each possible outcome (Win Team 1 / Draw / Win Team 2) so the above games would look like this:
  • Egypt (2x) – Draw (3x) – Uruguay (1x)
  • Morocco (1x) – Draw (3x) – Iran (2x)
  • Portugal (3x) – Draw (1x) – Spain (2x)
  • For the sake of the example, these were the winners of the above games:
  • Egypt – 2x
  • Draw – 3x
  • Spain – 2x
  • The cumulative total of all multipliers on this game day was 2 + 3 + 2 = 7x
  • This means that anyone who had played on this game day will have their points earned multiplied by 7.
  • For example, if you staked £100, you would earn 10 points (£10 = 1 point). Your 10 points would be multiplied by 7. Your total points for that day to be added to the leader boards would be 70.

Award of Prizes

16. You will only be eligible to win a daily prize on days you have played and have a valid entry in accordance with these terms.
17. You only need to play on at least 1 day to qualify for the overall leader board.
18. There is a daily cash prize pool of £1,000 to be divided between the top 5 players on the daily leader board as follows:

  • 1 st - £500
  • 2 nd - £250
  • 3 rd - £100
  • 4 th - £100
  • 5 th - £50

19. The cash prize pool for the overall leader board is £5,000 to be divided between the top 12 players as follows:

  • 1 st - £2,500
  • 2 nd - £1,000
  • 3 rd - £500
  • 4 th - £250
  • 5 th – 11 th - £100
  • 12 th - £50

20. All prizes will be awarded as cash and will have no restrictions.
21. Daily cash prizes will be awarded the following day by no later than 17:00 CET. Winners will be notified by email or SMS. If you have opted out of receiving emails or SMS, you will not receive a notification.
22. If for any reason a prize winner’s account is not active at the time of crediting a prize (for example, any player that has self-excluded), any claim to a prize will be forfeited and no prize will be rewarded.
23. BRAND reserves the right to disqualify players and remove them from the promotion if they are found to be abusing the promotion or using tactics that give them an unfair advantage over other players. For more information, please read our abuse terms here.

Other Terms

24. Our Website terms apply- please click here.
25. Our Standard Promotional Terms apply- please click here.

EXAMPLE 1: A Player has purchased €100 and received a bonus of €100, therefore has a total balance of €200. The Player has decided to play slots only, therefore, the Player must stake (wager) 35 X €100 bonus = €3,500, before the bonus is converted into cash and eligible for withdrawal.
However, this is different for your Welcome Offer, as this requires you to wager the initial cash deposit figure + the bonus. For example, deposit €100 with a 100% Bonus Match (€100)= €200 x 35= €7,000 .

EXAMPLE 2: A player receives a €10 bonus with a 10 wager requirement. The eligible games are game A at 100% game weighting and game B at 20% game weighting. The total staking amount required to convert the bonus playing game A (100% weighting) would be €100 (€10 bonus x 10 WRs). If game B was the players preferred game choice, which counts at 20%, every €1 stake would count as €0.20 towards the wagering requirement. The player would have to wager a total of €500 on to fully convert the bonus.

Only one bonus is permissible per deposit. Each bonus from each deposit are mutually exclusive. Deposit-related bonuses cannot be “stacked”.

For any wagers made, the wager is deducted from the player's Cash Balance. If there is no cash available, then the wager is deducted from the Bonus Balance.

Any winnings that occur from wagers made from a player's bonus account are credited to their bonus account, however, the wagering requirements only apply to the original bonus amount as bonus money obtained from winnings is not subject to wagering requirements. Therefore, once that requirement is met, all bonus money is converted into cash.

Any other bonuses received, unless expressly stated otherwise, such as but not limited to the redemption of Loyalty Points, will be added to your bonus account and will be subject to standard wagering requirements.

If both bonus and cash funds are used, winnings will be distributed to the bonus and cash account accordingly.

If you do not want any bonus which has been deposited into your account by us then you are entitled to request that it be reversed out of your account only if no game play has taken place since receiving that said bonus.

Players from a Restricted Territory (as defined in the Website Terms) and, for the avoidance of doubt, the following countries are not permitted to receive the first deposit bonus (welcome bonus/opening offer) and or any deposit bonuses unless otherwise stated: Armenia, Poland, Greece, Cyprus, Hungary, Croatia, Ukraine, India, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Georgia, Lithuania, Latvia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, and Serbia.

6. Coupons

Any coupons redeemed must meet standard wagering requirements and any specific coupon terms. 

Only one valid coupon can be redeemed within any 24-hour period and coupons cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion unless otherwise stated. 

Coupons can be withdrawn or terminated at any time and we reserve the right to refuse players the use of coupons at any time.

7. Welcome Bonus [Also known as FIRST DEPOSIT BONUS or OPENING OFFER]

The Welcome Bonus terms and conditions can be found on the promotion page. The Welcome Bonus may be amended from time to time.

8. Instant bonuses

Any bonus that is cash or bonus received from the casino, for example via Customer Support, is classified as an instant bonus. We reserve the right to limit any winnings from an instant bonus to 10 times the value of that instant bonus. For example, if you receive a €100instant bonus, a maximum of €1,000is eligible for withdrawal if we choose to enact this clause.

9. No Deposit Bonus

We reserve the right to limit winnings and withdrawals from all forms of no deposit bonuses / free spins / free bets added to a customer’s account up to the value of €100as may be expressly set out in the Significant Terms or communicated to you otherwise.

If you have never made a deposit on the Website all funds will stay as bonus money until at such time a deposit is made. Once you make your first deposit, any bonus money at that time in your account will now be subject to standard wagering (play-through) requirements. All future No Deposit Bonus will be subject to standard wagering (play-through) requirements before they can be withdrawn, and no further deposits are required.

10. Free Spins / Bonus Spins

10.1 No Deposit Free Spins / Bonus Spins

(i) The number of free spins the player can receive will be included in the specific promotion and/or in the Significant Terms. Whilst free spin promotional offers are advertised on specific games, they may be accessed on a variety of other games. Once the free spins have been used on any game, they cannot be redeemed again.

(ii) Unless otherwise stated, winnings from free spins are credited in casino bonus and are capped to a maximum of €50 . Winnings that exceed this amount will be removed from the account. Any play using free spins winnings will not unlock bonus funds and all winnings will return directly to your bonus account.

(iii) If you have never made a deposit, any gameplay using bonus funds will not unlock bonus funds or bonus winnings from free spins and all winnings will return directly to your bonus account until you make your first deposit. All funds in your bonus account at the time of first deposit will be subject to standard play-through requirements.

10.2 Deposit Based Free Spins or Bonus Spins

(i) Players must initiate a deposit to receive bonus spins. The details and number of spins will be included in the Significant Terms for the specific promotion.

(ii) Whilst bonus spin promotional offers are advertised on specific games, they may be accessed on a variety of other games. Once the bonus spins have been used on any game, they cannot be redeemed again.

(iii) The money won from bonus spins will be credited to a player’s bonus amount balance and is subject to our wagering requirements and Terms of Use.

(iv) All winnings from the bonus spins are considered to be bonus money and will be converted to real money only after the initial bonus wagering requirements are met, unless stated otherwise.

(v) Free spins are only valid within 24 hours of the deposit. If used after this time, any winnings are capped to a maximum of €100.

11. Competition Terms

Any competition that we operate is only open to individuals above the age of 18 and who provide the necessary details and information as required by each individual competition, communicated via social media, email or otherwise.

To enter into a competition, you must follow the rules and requirements as set out in in each individual competition. Failure to do so shall result in non-entry to such competition. This includes your acceptance to these Terms of Use and, specifically, this clause 11.

All of our competitions expire at a time and date as set out in the competition details. Should you submit an entry after this date then it will be automatically rejected.

Unless otherwise stated, we only accept one entry per person per competition.

We reserve the right to cancel or amend any competition and the applicable terms without notice in the event of a catastrophe, war, civil or military disturbance, act of God or any actual or anticipated breach of any applicable law or regulation or any other event that is outside of our reasonable control. Any such changes will be notified to entrants (or the winner, as the case may be) as soon as is reasonably possible.

We are not responsible and/or liable for inaccurate prize details, or the acts or omissions, by any third party connected with a competition.

Our decision in respect of all matters to do with the competition will be final.

12. Additional promotional terms

All bonuses except free spins will expire after 30 days of account inactivity unless the Significant Terms state otherwise. All free spins will expire after 10 days from the date they were awarded unless the Significant Terms state otherwise. We reserve the right to remove unused bonuses and related winnings if the promotion's terms are not fulfilled within this period. 

We have the right to remove (i.e. put back to zero) loyalty points if there has been no activity on the player’s account within 30 days. 

Void bets will not contribute toward promotional offers and players whose accounts become closed for any reason prior to the end of promotions will not be eligible to gain any promotional benefits. 

We may withhold any credits, bonuses, coupons, loyalty points or prizes awarded as part of a promotion at our discretion.

We reserve the right to verify the eligibility of all participants. 

English Terms & Conditions always take priority